Impact Orthopaedics was founded in 2007 with the purpose of providing excellent care and having a positive Impact on those we treat. Dr Jones continually reminds the staff “Patients choose us when they are injured and hurting. We have the privilege and choice of how we will respond to each patient in their pain.  With each patient encounter our Impact is either negative, neutral or positive.  Our goal is to go above and beyond to positively Impact all patients.”

Dr. Jones has spent the last 18 years providing orthopedic care to a wide range of active individuals from the young child, the “weekend warrior” and the elite professional athlete.  As an avid athlete in track and field during his collegiate years and beyond, Dr. Jones knows the mental and physical obstacles that can accompany musculoskeletal injuries. The doctor –athlete experience provides a unique perspective and approach to addressing the injury, informed decisions on treatment options and staying active.

We know that most visits to an orthopedic or sports medicine office are not for routine, elective care. Most likely, you require our services because an accident, overuse or sports related injury, or the dreaded “age-related process” prevents you from exercising or competing without pain. That’s why he specializes in providing individuals with a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan that will allow them to continue enjoying their active lifestyle.

We treat the youth athlete, the recreational exerciser, and the elite athlete with equal enthusiasm and compassion. We can treat the majority of injuries (including sports related) and conditions with non-operative measures, including rehabilitation and education. We specialize in joint reconstruction, minimally invasive techniques of arthroscopic surgery and Platelet Rich Plasma injections.

Regardless of the reason for your visit, Impact Orthopaedics is committed to helping you begin or return to the active, healthy lifestyle that you desire.

Our mission at Impact Orthopaedics is to treat, educate, and positively impact all patients. Our goal is to be an outstanding place to work and an exceptional place to receive care.

Thank you for considering Impact Orthopaedics as your partner in addressing your musculoskeletal and sports medicine needs.