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Sports Medicine

A sports injury can seriously sideline you with pain and limited mobility, putting a damper on being active and lowering your quality of life. That’s why there is nothing you want more than to speed along the healing process and get back to the level of fitness you desire.

At Impact Orthopaedics, our orthopaedic specialist Dr. Robert Jones and our dedicated team of knowledgeable therapists want to return you to the top of your game. We offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and sports medicine treatments for traumatic and overuse injuries, including on-site ultrasound and X-ray imaging.

Our comprehensive services include treatment for the following sports medicine conditions:

It’s time to get back to enjoying activity again, free from pain and limited mobility. Request an appointment online with Dr. Jones today or call our Raleigh, North Carolina office at (919) 876-6755.

Impact Orthopaedics

Patient Testimonials

"Thank you very much for the wonderful treatment of my broken foot. You all have been so kind and thoughtful and have made recovery a bearable process. Keep up the good work!"

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